Improvements in or relating to Refrigerators.


8740. Greenall, J. April 17. Grant of Patent refused. Refrigerators; cooling buildings. - Relates to refrigerators, particularly of that type which consists of an airtight storage chamber provided with an inner tank containing ice and salt, or other freezing-mixture. The waste freezing-liquid may be used for cooling buildings. The freezing- mixture tank 3, which is, preferably, formed of zinc or other heat-conducting material, is provided with wings or projections 5, also formed of zinc or other heat-conducting material. The outlet pipe 7, which has one end, within the tank, provided with a hood 9, may discharge into a pickling-tub, or other receptacle 10, placed outside the refrigerator, or it may be conducted round the room for cooling-purposes. The tank is recharged through an opening, in the roof of the refrigerator, which is provided with a funnel 13 extending to below the water level, so as to prevent external air from entering the refrigerator during recharging. A screen 6 may also be provided. In the Provisional Specification, it is stated that the wings may be fitted on either the inner or the outer sides of the tank, or both.




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