Improvements in Spring Hinges.


7194. Evans, W. L. March 27. Hinges; door-closing apparatus.-Relates to a spring hinge for use on doors. A socket plate 5 and tube 6 mounted in the door jamb carries a sliding rod 1 and ball 3. The rod 1 is threaded at its rear end 4 to engage with the reduced portion of a spring 8, the other end of which engages with the sleeve 6. A socket plate 11, engaging with the ball, is fitted on the edge of the door 12 and is slotted to allow the passage of the pin 1 in turning. A leather padding 18 and friction balls 14 are mounted in the edges of the plate 11. The ball 3 is slotted at 16 to allow it to be turned by a screwdriver for adjusting the tension of the spring 8.




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