Improvements in or connected with Means and Apparatus for Producing Tubes and other similar Hollow Articles by Squirting or Extruding Heated Metal through a Die.


6616. Dick, A. U. M., and Funck, G. H., [executors of Dick, G. A.]. March 21. Squirting.-A. loose mandrel, provided with cooling-arrangements is employed in squirting tubes and the like. A mandrel e, Fig. 1, passes loosely through the heated metal b, into a hole in a loose block f, or in the end of the hydraulic ram g. The mandrel is centered initially by a ring h, placed in the die c, the central position being maintained either by the extruded metal or by a plate s. A ring may be provided at either end of the metal b to cause the formation of a flange. The block f and ram g may be hollow, the former being provided with a second die ; or several mandrels may be used, a corresponding number of dies being provided in the end of the container. Air, steam, or water, &c. may be supplied, in the first case, to the interior of the mandrel e by a pipe m, as shown in Fig. 3. When dies are used at each end of the container, the cooling-medium is passed straight through the mandrel, and when, for example, two loose mandrels are employed, the ends are coned into the loose block, a connecting- passage being provided in the latter.




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